Grass Fed/Finished Beef, Pasture Pork, Eggs, Honey

Locally raised in Charlotte, Vermont


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Our Products

Straight from the Farm

High Hedge Farm, Charlotte, Vermont, is run by Bruno & Tara Murphy.  Their quest to produce gourmet flavor with the highest quality and nutrition put them on a mission to produce Grass Fed Beef and Pasture Pork.


100% Grass Fed & Finished Beef

100% Grass Fed & Finished beef.  We raise the Rotokawa Devon which were bred for superior taste & quality when grass-feeding.  The Rotokawa Devon has high intramuscular fat which delivers fantastic flavor and tenderness.  History of the Devon breed:  The animals are humanely raised without the use of antibiotics or growth hormones.  Grass fed beef is higher in Omega 3 and CLA.  See the benefits of Grass Fed Beef discussed on

100% Grass Fed & Finished Beef raised without the use of antibiotics or growth hormones

Prices per pound

Ground Beef  $      7.99

Rib Eye steak $    20.99

NY strip loin steak $    19.99

Sirloin steak $    11.99

Flank Steak $    11.99

Sirloin tip steak $      9.99

London broil steak $      9.99

Cube Steak $      6.99

Short Ribs $      6.99

Shank bone in $      5.99

Brisket $    11.99

Chuck Roast $      9.99

Bones  $      3.99

Liver $      3.99

Pasture Pork

The Pasture pork from a Duroc/Hampshire cross graze through life on High Hedge Farm, located in the beautiful Charlotte, Vermont. The lush pastures have breathtaking views of the Green Mountains.  All animals are handled humanely and raised without the use of antibiotics or growth hormones.

Pork pasture raised without the use of antibiotics or growth hormones:

Prices per pound

Chops $    11.99

bacon $      9.99

smoked jowls $      7.99

Ham   $      5.99

ham steak $      5.99

Honey & Eggs

Pasture Hens (Delawares, Rhode Island Reds, Americanas) and Carolina Honey Bees live on High Hedge Farm.  Enjoy fresh eggs and Champlain Valley honey.



Local Raw Unfiltered Honey

6 oz $7.00

Pasture chicken raised without the use of antibiotics or growth hormones

Eggs $      5.00


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69 Ashe Rd., Charlotte, Vermont 05445

(802) 373-8378

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